biggest virtual 가상축구공략 soccer fails of 2009


It’s been one crazy virtual soccer 실시간가상축구공략 season thus far. Matt Campbell, Kyle Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Deuce Peterson are all virtual studs, which no one could have imagined a year ago. I didn’t, and I’m willing to bet that neither did you. It’s equally vital to acknowledge the vast number of virtual soccer busts that have occurred. GMs are going crazy with these players in the early going of the 2009 virtual soccer season.

Mathias Forte Matt Forte has scored just one touchdown in the first five weeks of the NFL season, leaving many to question what’s going on with him. Most virtual soccer drafts had this player ranked third or fourth overall, yet he isn’t playing like a player deserving of such high regard.

LaDanian Tomlinson is the player in question. Even though he’s been hampered by injury, he’s still been abysmal when he’s been able to play. Due to his lackluster performance thus far, many virtual soccer owners have been let down by Tomlinson. Owners can’t be thrilled with what he’s done so far because he was drafted in the top 10 in most rounds.

Smith, Steve (CAR). There was no way anyone could have predicted that Steve Smith of the Giants would become a household name in the first five weeks of the season. Steve Smith, the Panthers’ regular Pro Bowl quarterback, has been awful thus far, accumulating just 255 yards and zero touchdowns in five games.

Does the number of carries affect 가상축구공략 the final standings of virtual soccer running backs?

Running backs in virtual soccer face an increasing burden after the season, which is the focus of this article. Running backs are known to degenerate throughout a season. Is this, however, still true in an era where running backs are chosen from a pool of candidates? Increased workload for an NFL running back: what kind of effect can we expect?

Many people believe that because a player has carried the ball more than 600 times in the past two seasons, his body will eventually give up. If such things are true, my intuition tells me there is some truth to them. What we want to know is if the league leaders in carries break down or experience any kind of performance decline at the end of the season.

A 2008 season datum set of the league’s top carriers per game was used to address this question (CPG). To include athletes who subsequently succumbed to injuries in the data set, we opted for CPG instead of carries. The high CPG was assumed to be a factor in their injury. After that, we divided up the average number of yards per carrying by month along with the CPG.

A percentage change between months was determined and monthly averages were generated for each month. However, because a member of their RBBC went down to injury, LT and D.Williams were removed from the data set and are no longer included. Additionally, Ced Benson was omitted from the final roster because he had become the team’s primary ball carrier.

The average monthly CPG and YPG for September, October, November, and December were 4.29, 3.94, 4.41, and 3.96, respectively, when looking at raw data. In December, production may have decreased slightly, although this isn’t conclusive. bet365 가상축구 – tobog soccer

From September to October, production fell by 5.5%, then increased by 2.8% from October to November, before falling by 9.4% in November. This pattern can be seen when plotting the data as a percentage change over time. Percentage change appears to be a much more useful way to look at the data. The final month of the season has seen a near 10% decline in productivity, which is a cause for concern.

By examining who is holding the group behind, we see a -286.6% decline in Clinton Portis, a 32.7% decline in Steve Jackson, and an astounding 66.76% decline in Marion Barber’s score. These running backs are among the most physically aggressive in the game, so it’s no surprise that their production has dropped down.

In the period from November to December, Chris Johnson’s +36.6% and Michael Turner’s +30% output appear to have countered the poor results of their colleagues. To be fair, this is entirely reasonable. In comparison to the elder backs in the study, these two young players haven’t had harsh exposure to NFL activity. We notice a -15.1 percent reduction in production from November to December if we exclude Chris Johnson and Michael Turner.

Most of the NFL’s top running backs saw a decline in production near the end of the season, according to these statistics. Additionally, the data suggest that the league’s veteran running backs, who have played a lot of games, tire down more quickly at the end of the season.

My Favorite Euro 2012 사설가상축구공략 virtual soccer Strategy

You can read about how to build a winning Euro 2012 virtual soccer team in my previous post. Nevertheless, as some of you have probably noticed, putting together a team of players from the greatest teams in the tournament who are all going to play is difficult, if not impossible. The “enablers” strategy is an alternative.

To make the most of your budget, you can fill in the remaining four spaces with low-cost players you won’t be using, therefore allowing you to spend more elsewhere. Instead of spending 6.66 on your core team, you may now pay 7.27 because the cheapest players cost just 4 each.

Have a look at an Irishman named Keith Andrews, for example. Even though he’s played a huge role thus far in the competition, he’s only worth 4 points. This player is an excellent example of a player that may be used “in case of emergency” but who doesn’t require as much investment as other members of your squad do.

At just 5 points, I think Jelavic is a wonderful helper. Although he isn’t sure to play in all three group games, I believe he is a clear choice for the first encounter against the Republic of Ireland. He has been a revelation in the Premier League.

the foundation of 오래된토토사이트순위 your sports betting strategy!

As I will explain in the following articles, I believe that 3-4-3 is the best configuration for this tournament. As a result, Jelavic would have to play at least until the first transfer window, whereas Andrews would be happy to sit as a substitute.

One enabling goalie, two defending midfielders, and one central midfielder might all fit into this set-up very well. The overall cost of these four players should be 16 points, and my recommendation would be to field a squad with two Spanish, two German, two English, two Russian, two Dutch, and one French player. I wouldn’t stop you from adding another player to this mix, such as the outstanding Jelavic.

See if you can find any other enablers; they only need to be probable to play and dirt cheap to qualify. My actual squad will be featured in my next piece, which I’ll post as soon as I can. Please leave a comment if you’d like to discuss any of the points I’ve made in this essay. I’m always open to more discussion.